The Christ the King of Peace Community of the FOYER DE CHARITE is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. The Region shares borders with the Republic of Togo and so makes the Foyer in Ghana the closest in distance from the Foyer of Aledjo, Togo (the first in Africa). From Accra, the national capital, the Foyer is 225 kilometers and it takes approximately four hours of normal drive to get here. Administratively, the Foyer is within the Hohoe Municipality, 15 kilometers away; and 25 kilometers away from the Municipality of Kpando.

The Foyer is “Hidden” between two hills: the “Deo Gratias” Hill [or “Akpe Na Mawu” To], to the East, upon which a Cross is planted and the “God Sees” Hill [or “Mawu le Ekpom” To] to the West. The Foyer is right by the Tsatsadu Waterfall; two kilometers off-road from the Alavanyo-Abehenease Township.

The scenery hosting the Foyer is the most beautiful and most serene in the Region and also one of the best in the country. The “Home of the Heart of Jesus (that the Foyer de Charité Community is) is Open to All who would have need to pause and take stock of Life and so are in need of a peaceful and serene atmosphere with the warmth of the Consecrated Lay Christian Community to welcome them to discover and live one of the best gifts Nature can offer them. There is enough natural and prepared space for prayer and relaxation. Rooms and meals served at very affordable rates prepare one to adequately rest and so learn from the Retreats that are preached here.

Speak to anyone who has ever been to the Foyer de Charité, Ghanaian or not and you would love to come over. Do not miss out. God is calling and we are waiting for you. You could also give your life to God and become a Member of the Foyer de Charité Community (a Sister or a Brother). Come just as you are and be sure, you would do not go back the way you came!

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Les retraites dans ce Foyer

Pourquoi faire une retraite spirituelle ?

Quelles qu’en soient les motivations, la retraite spirituelle marque une pause, dans un lieu propice à l’intériorité. Le cadre, le silence et le rythme de la retraite rendent disponible à soi-même et à Dieu.

Une retraite spirituelle est une halte pour le cœur et l’esprit. Elle opère comme une respiration et permet de :

  • Souffler, se reposer, trouver du réconfort au cœur de nos vies bousculées,
  • Rencontrer Dieu dans le silence, lire sa Parole, raviver sa foi,
  • Réfléchir au sens de son existence, prendre du recul avant de faire des choix importants,
  • Approfondir les grandes questions de la vie, mieux comprendre les fondements de la foi chrétienne.

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