This page of our site is dedicated to the conclusions of the independent multidisciplinary research commission set up in September 2019 to:

  • establish the truth regarding the facts alleged against Fr Finet;
  • assess the measures taken by the Foyers de Charité against sexual and conscience abuse;
  • make any practical recommendations.

View the press release from the Foyers de Charité (7 May 2020)

Consult the summary of the research commission’s report

The work of the Foyers de Charité is reinforcing its commitment to combating all types of abuse in its communities and in the schools for which it is responsible.

It invites anyone who wishes to testify or report any abuse within the Foyers to :

  • contact the anti-abuse unit of the Foyers de Charité :
    send a mail to the unit

  • ask a question concerning the work of the Commission so that you can be given an answer either personally or by adding it to the questions and answers on this page.
    send a message or a question

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