You can choose a spiritual retreat according to your age, profile, a particular theme, a preacher or the proposed period.

Some foyers offer the following two options for the 6-day retreats :

  • The fundamental retreat, which offers a complete vision of the Christian faith. We recommend this retreat if it is the first time you are going on a 6-day retreat.
  • The theme-based retreat, which looks more closely at a specific point of the Christian faith, based on a book of the Bible, the liturgical time or a particular topic.

Why go on spiritual retreat ?

Whatever the reasons, the spiritual retreat is a breathing space in a setting that inspires inner reflection. The setting, silence and pace of the retreat give the participants the freedom to open up to themselves and to God.

A spiritual retreat is a break for the heart and the mind. It creates a breathing space for:

  • Relaxing, resting and finding comfort in the middle of our very busy lives;
  • Meeting with God in silence, reading his Word and rekindling the fire of our faith;
  • Reflecting on the meaning of our existence, taking a step back before making important choices;
  • Exploring the key questions of life and gaining a better understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith.