Marie - Odile RIWER

Membre du Foyer de Charité de Châteauneuf -de - Galaure

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  • Halte spirituelle d'un jour : prier avec Marthe Robin (3/3)

    Category of the retreat: Adult Style of the retreat: Journée pour Dieu
    • Place of the retreat: Châteauneuf-de-Galaure (France, 26)
    • Preachers: Marie - Odile RIWER
    • Language of the retreat: French
    Period of the retreat: June 2023
    • Duration of the retreat: 1 day
    • Date of the retreat : on 22 June
    • Open registration
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Why go on spiritual retreat ?

Whatever the reasons, the spiritual retreat is a breathing space in a setting that inspires inner reflection. The setting, silence and pace of the retreat give the participants the freedom to open up to themselves and to God.

A spiritual retreat is a break for the heart and the mind. It creates a breathing space for:

  • Relaxing, resting and finding comfort in the middle of our very busy lives;
  • Meeting with God in silence, reading his Word and rekindling the fire of our faith;
  • Reflecting on the meaning of our existence, taking a step back before making important choices;
  • Exploring the key questions of life and gaining a better understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith.