The Work is organised according to the principles of self-sufficiency and communion which make it a large family. Each Foyer de Charité is responsible for and must guarantee this family spirit.
The Foyers de Charité are governed by the general meeting, the Moderator Father and the International Council. The general meeting sets the general guidelines of the association. It elects the Moderator Father and the members of the International Council. The Moderator Father and the International Council oversee the life and mission of the Foyers de Charité. They ensure that operations run properly.

  • The Moderator Father is currently Fr Moïse Ndione
  • The International Council is made up of priests and members of the Foyers. Half of the members of the Central Council are elected at the general meeting and the other half is appointed by the Moderator Father. Everyone is appointed for a 4-year term that may be renewed once. Their mission is to implement the main guidelines of the Work.

As part of their governance responsibilities, the Moderator Father and the International Council rely on a general secretariat composed of a general secretary and the domain coordinators:

What’s more, a non-profit foundation provides financial support for the international development of the Foyers de Charité.
Each Foyer de Charité relies on a civil legal structure that is in keeping with the requirements of the country in which it is based.

Why go on spiritual retreat ?

Whatever the reasons, the spiritual retreat is a breathing space in a setting that inspires inner reflection. The setting, silence and pace of the retreat give the participants the freedom to open up to themselves and to God.

A spiritual retreat is a break for the heart and the mind. It creates a breathing space for:

  • Relaxing, resting and finding comfort in the middle of our very busy lives;
  • Meeting with God in silence, reading his Word and rekindling the fire of our faith;
  • Reflecting on the meaning of our existence, taking a step back before making important choices;
  • Exploring the key questions of life and gaining a better understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith.